Featured Recipes from Issue 20

Below, you will find the tasty recipes featured in Issue 20. Click on the images to view them in our recipe database.


Chocoflan Gelato

Create this delicious gelato flavor using PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTMTortino al Cioccolato (Molten Chocolate Cake Base)PreGel Pannacotta Traditional Paste (Cooked Cream)PreGel Caramel Traditional PastePreGel Totalbase® (Water & Milk Base – Cold Process), PreGel Nonfat Dry Milk (Grade A, Low Heat)PreGel Diamant 50 (Milk Base – Hot Process) and PreGel Evolution Glaze – Caramel.


Strawberry Guava Sorbetto

Exotic and perfect for summer, this light sorbetto is full of a luscious strawberry flavor. Create this recipe using PreGel DextrosePreGel Fruttosa® (Water & Milk Base – KSA Dairy – Hot/Cold Process)PreGel Pink Guava Fortefrutto®and PreGel Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste).


Blueberry Corn Soft Serve

Create this unexpected yet delightful pairing using PreGel Bilberry Fortefrutto®(European Blueberry)PreGel Nonfat Dry Milk (Grade A, Low Heat) and PreGel Fruttosa® (Water & Milk Base – Hot/Cold Process).


Apple Pie Biscotti Soft Serve

Create this seasonal soft serve featuring PreGel Biscotto Traditional Paste (Cookie)PreGel Pino Pinguino® Graham Cracker Arabeschi® and PreGel Apple Pie Arabeschi®.



Orange Gummy Candies

Create these bite-sized gummies using PreGel Orange Fortefrutto® and PreGel Dextrose.


Cinnamon Vanilla Caramels

Create these candies, boasting the perfect blend of cinnamon and vanilla, usingPreGel Vellutina® (Sorbitol Paste)PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Vanilla Compound and PreGel 5-Star Chef Pastry SelectTM Cinnamon Compound.