Tree Talk: PreGel America Introduces Its Class of 2009 Novelties

2009 Novelties

2009 NoveltiesPreGel AMERICA is ready to roll out its new 2009 novelties. This year’s novelty class offers new Italian-inspired gelato Super Sprints, one outstanding Traditional Paste and innovative, exceptional pastry products.

Boosting the Super Sprint Line are three new authentic Italian flavors: Gianduiotto Super Sprint, a unique flavor of hazelnuts from the Piedmont region combined with rich chocolate; Almond Super Sprint, produced with authentic Italian almonds to create a gelato that is both healthy and delicious; and making its debut in the Super Sprint Line, Hazelnut Super Sprint, a favorite PreGel flavor. The Super Sprint Line allows gelato makers the opportunity to easily produce great gelato in half the time.

The Traditional Paste Line is expanding with the addition of Oro D’Oro Traditional Paste, a traditional Italian gelato flavor. Oro D’Oro is a paste that combines vanilla and egg flavoring similar to old-fashion custard.

The Pastry and Confections Line will also feature new products. Zuppi Limoncello is a product perfect for sponge cake soaks with an intense, yet refreshing Italian lemon liqueur flavor. The line will also include PreGel Textura, a product that can be prepared cold and used for mousses and Bavarian creams, as well as Crema Cá D’Oro 2009, an innovative pastry product that is completely eggless, and cholesteroland fat-free. Crema Cá D’Oro allows for the quick preparation of pastry creams, custards and other baking applications.

Continuing on the path of providing new and innovative products to the market, PreGel’s novelty class of 2009 offers a little bit of everything for a broad range of specialty dessert retailers.