TOP 10: Favorite Gelato Flavors,
and What They Say About You!

If today’s tendency is to let the season influence one’s choice of dessert and/or flavor from the menu, consumers still go for their all- time favorites most of the time.

If today’s tendency is to let the season influence one’s choice of dessert and/or flavor from the menu, consumers still go for their all- time favorites most of the time. This is especially true for frozen desserts such as ice cream or gelato. While stores are now offering an overwhelming combination of adventurous tastes, there is still a huge demand for the most traditional flavors. According to a recent survey by the International Dairy Foods Association, the three most popular ice cream flavors among Americans are vanilla, chocolate, and butter pecan. Find out the reasons why these and the remaining top ten flavors hold such esteemed rankings, and what each one says about you.

10. Peanut Butter

Why? Not too sweet and extremely versatile, peanut butter is an old childhood favorite that can be found in endless dessert recipes. The nutty and slightly savory sensation has successfully convinced all generations for years of its deliciousness.
What it says about you: You have a total sweet tooth. When you can get away with it, you like to have dessert before dinner! Your taste in food tends to be conservative and traditional. You never really grew up and always go for seconds even when you are full!

9. Lemon

Why? While lemon can be tart, eating lemon ice cream is nothing like biting into the lemon fruit. In fact, the flavor sensation it provides in frozen dessert recipes is the reason behind its popularity. People who like a slight sour with their sweet found the answer to their dessert dilemma in lemon-flavored treats.
What it says about you: Your personality is like the zest of a lemon. Adventurous, you are very in tune with your body. You love having plants at home and have a green thumb. You don’t like clutter.

8. Banana

Why? Anyone who has tried a banana split knows how versatile and delicious these healthy yellow fruits can be – and their culinary possibilities are nearly endless. Banana pairs well with most fruits and chocolates. It’s simple and delicious!
What it says about you: Very health conscious, you care about your diet. Banana lovers are very loving, gentle, warm, and sympathetic to everyone around them.

7. Coffee

Why? Coffee is featured prominently in desserts because it goes well with just about anything that tastes sweet. The flavor went from a pick-me-up drink in the morning to a popular dessert staple.
What it says about you: Lively and dynamic, you live in the moment. Full of energy, you can easily get bored and have a tendency for starting new projects before finishing old ones.

6. Red Velvet

Why? Moderately decadent, this grown-up flavor appeals to dessert lovers of all ages. Best when paired with cheesecake, the trendy savor often outsells chocolate or vanilla.
What it says about you: While you might come off as a reserved person, you really have a strong, unique personality. You are creative and complex.

5. Mint Chocolate Chip

Why? Add mint to chocolate and you can never be wrong! Whether loved or hated, the superb combination of a cooling sensation with a comforting feeling is the reason behind this popular adult flavor.
What it says about you: Ambitious and con dent, yet a little skeptical about life. You have a tendency to be stubborn, you like to think ahead and plan for the future.

4. Cookies N’ Cream

Why? The flavor very well reproduces the popular Oreo® cookie sandwich but has found variations that use chocolate, coffee, or mint instead of vanilla in the mix. Very sweet and comforting, the flavor is gaining popularity among various dessert treats.
What it says about you: You’re smooth and personable with a sense of humor. You don’t take much seriously, but love to learn and grow. You’re not one for following trends, but you always seem cool anyway.

3. Butter Pecan

Why? The distinct southern flavor combines the wonderful taste of butter with the nutty and irresistible savor of pecans. What is not to like? A must have flavor for all dessert makers.
What it says about you: Devoted, conscientious and creative, you have high standards for right and wrong. You hardly open up but are faithful and empathic towards others.

2. Chocolate

Why? Let’s be honest, almost everyone loves chocolate. And one of the reasons behind it is that chocolates’ compounds cause receptors in the brain to chemically induce feelings of pleasure. Chocolate is eaten by people all over the world, and for many of us, dessert and sweet treats are synonymous with this flavor.
What it says about you: You lead a life of joy and love being in the spotlight. Charming and enthusiastic, you like to spend time with your friends and share your ideas with passion.

1. Vanilla

Why? You most likely had vanilla ice cream before. This top favorite is one of the most common flavors in candies, pastries, and other sweet treats. Just like chocolate, the taste of vanilla characterizes sweet desserts and confections for many of us, so it’s not surprising to and it is the number one flavor in frozen desserts, too.
What it says about you: Far from boring, you are colorful, dramatic and a risk taker who relies more on intuition than logic. You appreciate good quality and minimalism. Neither anxious nor stressed, you and peace and balance in the everyday, and enjoy living in the moment.

Abundance of choice can easily become an overwhelming experience, and sometimes, all we want is to indulge in a comforting, all-time favorite flavor regardless of its lack of originality. Some of these top 10 flavors have been on the list for decades, while others made their way more recently. But no matter what it says about you, your go-to flavor consistently produces one result: putting a smile on your face!