Prepare for a Trade Show


Written by guest blogger, Christiane Carter, Events & Marketing Specialist, PreGel America

If you get the chance to attend an industry trade show, you’ll be given countless opportunities to learn new techniques, discover new technology, and encounter new trends in your industry… but watch out. If you go unprepared, trade shows that aim to create exciting and energetic environments can also overwhelm and confuse you.


Once you’ve decided which trade shows you’ll attend, create a strategy of how you’ll navigate the whirlwind of activities, educational sessions, and crowded exhibition halls in order to receive the kind of enriching experience you want.


Before you head to the registration desk to pick up your attendee badge, here are three simple things you should do to prepare:


  1. Verify that your current vendors are attending and what new products or services they’ll feature. Who knows? You might cook up a new concept, or realize that a new goal is within easy reach just by continuing a tried-and-true business relationship.
  2. Research trends that you want to incorporate into your concept and create a list of items to track down at the show. When you’re there, keep it at the forefront of your mind; that way you’ll be harder to distract when irrelevant vendors try to gain your attention and time.
  3. Check the schedule of educational sessions and match it up with short or long term goals you’re hoping to achieve in your business. Most trade shows do a fabulous job of booking experts in their fields who are motivational as well as instructive.