From Our Family to Yours


Happy New Year!

It’s hard for me to believe, and I’m not sure how many of you are still in denial, but, yes folks, it is officially 2019!

Now is typically when we start putting things into perspective and clearly defining what they mean to us.  With that being said, we have something we would like to put into perspective and clearly define what it means to us: the term “family.”

If you haven’t noticed, at PreGel we utilize the expression “From Our Family to Yours” quite often. It’s on much of our collateral, in our e-signatures, in our advertisements, and of course on our website.  To us, family is an ideal that is extremely important, and for many of you, family is possibly one of the driving forces behind your desire to go into business.

In any case, it’s true that varying definitions of what family means exist today. And as we look to refine our existing business relationships and forge new ones with you this year, allow us to share a deeper understanding of what we mean when we at PreGel say “From Our Family to Yours,” explained in the detailed words of our Directing Manager, Marco Casol:



There is a general adage which states, “I have yet to meet a stranger.” This statement is meant to be understood as a proclamation of unconditional acceptance as friend or family despite a lack of familiarity. And when examined a bit deeper, this viewpoint also reveals that the action of introduction immediately cancels out the notion of either party being a stranger to the other, which allows for the development of a friendly relationship or one like that of family.

It seems like only yesterday that we began our journey, but in almost seventeen years in America, PreGel has chosen to accept everyone we connect with as family, albeit our internal colleagues, distributors, future and current business partners, sponsors, and end customers. This is why the meaning behind our message—From Our Family to Yours—is so important. In essence, it is our invitation to those who reside in the world of specialty artisanal desserts to join us in sharing, talking, working, and nurturing this unique industry together.

I’m excited to say that PreGel is a worldwide family of business professionals who work tirelessly, through a variety of services, to ensure your dreams flourish. You see, PreGel was built on a dream to help gelato chefs enhance and maintain their desires to forge successful businesses. Through constant initiatives such as the redesign of our company website, the development of our sponsored educational website,; and the institution of, which offers a more intimate view of PreGel from behind the veil of business, we look to maintain the legacy of developing dreams, which began with Dr. & Mrs. Luciano Rabboni more than 50 years ago.

Dr. & Mrs. Luciano Rabboni


Today, PreGel S.p.A. is still privately owned and operated by the Rabboni family. Ideally speaking, this family is the root of 20 PreGel subsidiaries and 25 International Training Centers around the world. At PreGel, part of our job as the root of this family tree mirrors the role of an actual tree root: to function as a means of anchorage and support, and that responsibility is one we take great pride in.

Much like one may view a mentor as a parental figure; or members of a military unit, sports team, organization, etc. may refer to one another as brother or sister, it is understood that family is not just a result of biological connection, but a bond rooted in the struggles and triumphs of uplifting a shared purpose or belief, and in our case it is the passion to work in tandem with one another to spread the culture of authentic Italian gelato and other fine artisanal desserts.

Therefore, we hope to continue growing with you and ultimately expanding this family of innovators who are truly passionate about the art, science, and development of specialty dessert innovation. As a family, let’s continue to share useful information, implement dessert trends and innovation, and encourage ongoing cultivation in an industry where we don’t meet strangers, but recognize family.