Dessert Coatings for Fall


One thing about cooler temperatures is certain, additional layering is necessary. This applies to the delicacies in your display case and catering menu. Think about it, when something always looks the same, the visual can become boring and essentially unappealing. So it’s important to catch (and keep) the attention of your customers for the sake of continued business. One way to do that this season is with amazing “coat” selections for your menu items.

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Let’s begin with “glossy” dessert coatings—the kind that offers an elegant, crystal-like finish, and easily offers menu items such as gelato monoportions and semifreddi immediate high-end appeal. These coatings lend a sense of elegance and sophistication to finished desserts, and creates a catering buffet that is lovely to view.

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In direct contrast to gloss, matte coating is characteristically void of shine, but are excellent for adding dimension to baked goods like eclairs and donuts. Depending on the product, matte finishes can double as a ganache as well. Ultimately, they make an excellent canvas for décor innovation—an important factor to consider when planning your seasonal or catering menu.

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Finally, there are “ornate” coatings featuring inclusions such as nuts, wafers, cookies, rice puffs, etc. These add-ins upgrade the look, texture, and flavor of your desired menu items, making them stand-out selections. Additionally, ornate coatings make it easier to hide imperfections before final display.

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With so many dessert “coats” to choose from, it’s easy to make your display case chic for fall (or any season)!