Corporate America Has Heart

Could it be true that in an environment of constant business deals; hard-sole shoes; business executives; quarterly margins; growing brand awareness; earning more customers; and the ongoing pursuit of professional excellence, that Corporate America is not immediately paralleled with showing genuine acts of kindness?


If this is the case, it’s important to point out that kindness exists. Just like an unassuming lump of dusty black coal secretly concealing a priceless diamond, philanthropic partnerships like that of PreGel America and Icing Smiles work in tandem under the umbrella of Corporate America for the good of humankind in a collaborative pursuit to increase the joy of terminally ill children and their families.


I find that well-doing is contagious. It seems that positive behavior leads people to want to do more, such as the Sugar Angels of Icing Smiles. I reached out to Karen Griffiths, assistant director, Icing Smiles, to get a clearer understanding of what a Sugar Angel is and how we can help the organization gain more. Below is what she said:


What is a Sugar Angel?
All volunteer Bakers are called Sugar Angels


What are their responsibilities?
If a cake request is within 20 minutes of their location they are asked if they can bake the cake. They are always able to say no.


What are the requirements to become a Sugar Angel?

No requirements. They don’t have to be licensed or work in a kitchen…..Most states do not require a licensed kitchen for food donations through a nonprofit.  The administrative team will determine the laws for each state.  If you are not a licensed baker, we require that you appropriately label your cake.

In order to get on our baker list, they will need to provide us with pictures of your work or a link to an on-line photo gallery.


What is the process?
There is an application form on our website?


Also FAQs from Bakers….


How many Sugar Angels in the U.S. does Icing Smiles already have?

Is being a Sugar Angel only open for pastry chefs?
No, you can be a cake decorator or a hobbyist.


The task of bringing joy to another human being does not have to be a hard thing to do. And in my attempt to help further the purpose of the philanthropic partnership of PreGel America and Icing Smiles aside from providing their functions with our specialty dessert ingredient solutions, I urge all pastry chefs, hobbyists, cake decorators, etc. to earn your “sugar wings” and lend your culinary talents as a Sugar Angel for Icing Smiles.

Having read these heartwarming testimonials from the givers and receivers of what has been referred to as “love in the form of cake,” it’s hard to argue the fact that selflessness is the “heart” many people need to be given. It can literally be a life-enhancing gift.