Business Tips for Mother’s Day


There are three ways to spell it: Mother’s, Mothers’, or Mothers Day. Which do you prefer?


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Currently, there’s an ongoing debate about the validity of each spelling, and, to me, they all make sense:

  • When an apostrophe is used before the s, that makes the day possessive to one singular mother.
  • When the apostrophe is after the s, this means the day belongs to the collective of all mothers.
  • When no apostrophe is used, this means the day belongs to no one at all but is a recognition of motherhood.

Nevertheless, despite the placement of the apostrophe (or not), I’m assuming that you probably wouldn’t agree with the overall viewpoint about the celebration proclaimed by the reported “mother” of Mother’s Day.



Copywriter and activist Anna Jarvis, is credited with starting the movement that led to the May 9, 1914 proclamation, signed by President Woodrow Wilson, which officially declared the second Sunday of May the annual holiday we know as Mother’s Day. But, according to several accounts, Jarvis is said to have fought against the commercialization of the annual holiday. Hence my previously mentioned assumption, seeing as commercialization is of added benefit to retail businesses of all kinds, including desserts.


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Did you know?:


  • The estimated spending amount on Mother’s Day is over $20 billion.


  • Shoppers not only buy for their mothers, but also their stepmothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends, and daughters.


  • The average person will spend approximately $186 on mom.


  • Gift cards and brunch, lunch, or dinner are two of the most popular  Mother’s Day gifts and the kind you can implement.


Now, keeping those stats in mind, let’s examine what you can do to get ready for the Moms Day rush?

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The U.S. Small Business Association offers some pretty good ideas that I think businesses of all kinds can apply:

Sell gift cards – this is one of the most popular and expected gifts on Mother’s Day.

Sell greeting cards – Consider that almost 80% of consumers give cards on Mother’s Day. It is suggested that greeting cards be prominently displayed at checkout.

Offer a BOGO special – A buy-one-get-one deal is perfect for pairs, or create a group special for three or more.

Celebrate on social media – Attract attention to any Mother’s Day special menu items, deals, store hours, events, etc. You can even host a Mother’s Day-related contest for added appeal.

Partner with businesses that generate Mother’s Day sales – Florists, massage parlors, electronic stores, other restaurants (or maybe even a brewery), and beauty salons are all great local establishments to co-market each other in the most beneficial ways for you both.

Give away free gifts (or sundaes!) – Everyone likes something for free especially a free cookie, a free scoop, or maybe even a flower.

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And, if your mom or mother-figure is a gelato or pastry chef, consider this or this as gift ideas.


So, whether you prefer Mother’s, Mothers’, Mothers, Moms, or Mama’s Day, have a happy and successful one.