Are you prepared to reopen? Tips on how to “restart” your business.


We are all excited about shops and restaurants reopening, but things will be different for a while now, and BEING PREPARED IS ESSENTIAL.

Ensuring safety regulations are met, reorganizing the work with limited staff, sanitizing the production kitchen and making sure customers still have an enjoyable experience, will be new challenges in the coming months.

How to deal with getting ready for the busy season in such circumstances? What strategy to adopt to overcome the crisis?

Here are some tips on how to “restart your business”:

  1. Schedule work shifts to limit the number of employees on the premises.
  2. Organize cleaning routines for your location that respect the CDC guidelines. Training is key!
  3. Create safety distances inside the premises. Limit the amount of people coming inside at a time.
  4. Use signage: on your door to say that you’re open and/or if you deliver, and on your floor (decals) so that people respect distances!
  5. Provide customers with hand sanitizer and/or gloves. Employees wear gloves and masks at all times.
  6. Encourage your customers to order in advance thru phone, text, or email and have them pay in advance.
  7. Have customers wait outside – employee will deliver at the front door, and/or window/pick up area.
  8. Communicate online and in your shop about how you manage the situation.
  9. Listen to your customers’ concerns in order to adapt to the evolving market by adjusting your offers over time.
  10. Offer to-go solutions such as gelato or ice cream pints, frozen pops, ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, sundaes..
  11. Cone servings: Use cone sleeves or napkins to wrap the cone.
  12. Promote delivery services! If available, your own delivery services or 3rd parties such as Door Dash or Uber Eats!
  13. Make sure your online listings are updated if you hours have changed and update your website with your store services, products and payment options.
  14. Use social media to show how you operate to re-insure customers of good safety practices (take pictures!).
  15. Switch to method of payment 100% touch-less: Credit Card, Apple Pay or similar.
  16. Avoid giving away samples or using any reusable silverware to do so.
  17. Create attractive promotions to bring back traffic.
  18. Make sure you always have inventory of to-go products. While working reduced hours, it is crucial to have enough merchandise in stock to make the most sales.
  19. Handle your cash flow seriously to be able to stay open.
  20. Offer small bonus to to your employees.

As always, refer to your state regulations for any COVID-19 related precautions and legal permissions on how to conduct your business.

STAY POSITIVE! We are all in this together and we are always here to help. Reach out to your sales and/or technical team if you need help! We are now offering live demos, and supporting you in any way we can from training to marketing.