Berry Healthy: Wellness Practices in the Workplace


Working in a gelateria, coffee shop or other foodservice establishment can be a lot of fun, especially when your staff is enjoyable, your customers are pleasant and you can resist the temptation of the sweet products you sell. However, for most people, constant temptation can be troublesome. This article offers suggestions of how to resist the persistent lure of eyecatching foods, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

For starters, a healthy and balanced diet is essential. Here are a few quick tips on how to improve your eating habits:

  • Infuse your diet with protein throughout the day. This simple step will help your body feel fuller longer, help build fat-burning muscle and drastically reduce your cravings for high-sugar foods. Try eating small snacks of reduced-fat cheese, meat, nuts and skim milk. Note: Infusing protein does not mean eliminating carbs. Whole grain breads are great for lowering bad cholesterol and satisfying your body’s natural desire for foods with substance.
  • Eat fresh fruit to satisfy the sweet tooth. The human sweet tooth has been around since the beginning of history. The sweetest things on earth, before candy and molten lava cake, were fresh fruits – wild berries, pears, melons, etc. – all loaded with nutrients. Thus, the sweet tooth is a natural way for the body to get a rich supply of essential vitamins.1

Once you establish a healthy and balanced diet, the rest is a walk in the park! Combining exercise with smart eating will keep you energized and motivated to stay on course. The following are some exercise tips to try in your workplace:

Tip 1: Get outside. Set aside 15 minutes of your lunch break to walk around the block or building. Grab a friend or colleague to go with you!

Tip 2: Clean/keep busy improving your work environment. Not only is this exercise, but it will also make you feel good about contributing to your customers’ positive experience in your store.

Tip 3: Make a friendly competition. Purchase pedometers for your staff and see who can walk the furthest in 30 days. You can find pedometers for as low as $1. The winning prize could be a basket of healthy gourmet foods (fruits, nuts, whole wheat crackers, etc.), a 30-minute massage or a 1-month pass to a local fitness club.

Tip 4: Promote staff leadership. Assign an employee wellness coordinator to help you plan monthly wellness programs and competitions.2

Tip 5: Stay focused. Bring a healthy article of the week to post in the break room and use it as a conversation topic with your colleagues/employees.3

Remember, healthy eating habits and regular exercise are a lifestyle, not a diet. Treat yourself every now and then as a reward for maintaining your body and healthy lifestyle. This will help you stay motivated and happy.

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