Berry Healthy Briefs

Going Against the Grain: Not all consumers seek healthy options
Healthy and wholesome options in QSRs continue to gain momentum as calorie count postings reveal the sometimes scary numbers behind the meals offered, but there’s always the consumer who frankly doesn’t care. Yes, there are still consumers who want to indulge and enjoy the grease, fat and calories that make foods sometimes taste amazing. Diversity is the key, and companies such as KFC with its Double Down and Dunkin Donuts’ Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich recognize this, which is leading them to a greater share of profits by catering to all consumer wants and needs.

Dark Chocolate Gains On Milk Chocolate’s Dynasty
Milk chocolate still reigns supreme in the world of confections but dark chocolate is gaining momentum, according to research firm Mintel. The recent study shows that 35% of consumers favor dark chocolate which is up from their 2011 study that reported 33%. Milk chocolate is still the clear winner with 51% of consumers favoring it to white and dark chocolate.

Lemons & Longevity
The secret to longevity for a fruit sorbet or even a fruit salad is simply, the lemon. Squeezing the juice from half a lemon will help enhance the flavor and life of your sorbet as the citric acid found in lemons helps prevent oxidation and fruit from ripening too quickly.