Mary Bonsall

Pastry Chef – Chicago, Illinois

With a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from Northern Michigan University, Mary has been developing her acute culinary skills by way of her formal education and extensive background as a staple in notable pastry kitchens. Mary made history as the first pastry chef at The Sulgrave Club, Washington, D.C., which was established in 1932, and went on to help develop its successful pastry program.

Mary practices the art of teaching both classic and unique ways of utilizing PreGel’s diverse line of specialty dessert ingredient solutions, and offering her partnership, skills, and know-how as a resource for those looking to start or enhance their businesses. In a free moment, Mary may even enjoy her favorite PreGel treat – Chocolate Peanut Butter gelato made with PreGel Gran Stracciatella Reale Arabeschi® (Chocolate Chips) and PreGel Salted Peanut Traditional Paste.