Benvenuti! PreGel’s International Training Centers – Italy

As you may know, 2017 is PreGel’s 50th anniversary year. And in all of this time, the company has remained faithful to its ideals of providing not only quality ingredients but education as well. The International Training Centers – Italy, located at the company’s headquarters in Reggio-Emilia, Italy offers curriculums that are based on standardized and integrated programs for both expert professionals and beginners who want to open a gelato shop. The courses for gelato and pastry artisans are designed to give all the tools necessary to learn the production of high-quality gelato together with refined pastry specialties. They are also focused on other aspects of the business such as marketing initiatives, business plans, and general management.

Dedicated to providing the most beneficial educational opportunities possible, Italy’s International Training Centers covers the gamut of classes on the most current culinary trends and techniques, including everything from Fundamentals of Gelato—the most popular class—to one-on-one gelato, new philosophies applied to gelato, savoring and drinking gelato, and la via dei gusti—ethnic recipes from around the world just to name a few.

Pastry courses are also available, as the company’s artisanal lines of specialty dessert ingredients command the fields of both frozen and baked goods for the success and longevity of current and future gelato masters.