Welcome to the premier issue of Key Notes magazine. We are very excited to present this new, quarterly publication to you and hope that it provides you with compelling content, new trends, thought-provoking topics and inspiration for your company’s continuing innovation.
Key Notes is the result of a collaboration between PreGel’s Marketing and Key Accounts (KA) Departments to offer a more customized approach to the industries that our KA division serves including cruise lines, hotels and resorts, groceries and supermarkets, QSRs, high-yield bakeries, foodservice for hospitals and universities, and food manufacturers. On a daily basis our teams are monitoring the trends in the industry, conducting extensive research and providing innovative product solutions, and it quickly became clear to us that this valuable information is meant to be shared. Upon this realization, we began to create a dynamic tool for you to reference and utilize.
From emerging flavors and ingredients to new ideas buzzing in the industry, we promise to collect what’s hot and trending in the industry and deliver it in a format that keeps you informed and interested. We understand the influx of information out there and that the time required to sort through it all can prove difficult. Our first Key Notes features articles on how the grocery, hospital and hotel experiences are changing, multifunctional products when shelf stability and access are challenges, and the current coveted ingredient in the culinary world (and personal favorite of mine), the hazelnut.
Our goal with Key Notes is to illicit excitement every quarter when you receive your next issue. And, as we continue to evolve the magazine, we ask that you provide us with feedback so that we are able to meet and exceed your expectations.

I would like to take a moment to thank our staff for their contributions and hard work to the launch this magazine. As you open your first inaugural issue of Key Notes, it is our sincere hope that you are inspired and enjoy this piece created just for you. Happy reading!

Grazie Millie,

Anna Pata

Director of Sales, PreGel AMERICA