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The Growth of Vegan Desserts

Question: Can dessert be creamy, buttery, or indulgent without including the likes of milk, butter, cream, or other animal byproducts in its composition? A few short years ago, my conjecture would likely have been “ummm…no!” But today, having consumed more education about veganism and having experienced the sheer pleasure of tasting vegan desserts, I am… Read more »

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Boutique Style Entremets with Chef Amaury Guichon

  In his third return to the 5-Star Pastry Series® at PreGel America, Chef Amaury Guichon, international pastry instructor, debuted his first ever entremets class for students from all around the world. During the seminar, seven different entremets were produced to completion from the glazes, to the chocolate garnishes. The “Boutique Style Entremets” demonstration began… Read more »

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