From the Top of the Tree: A Letter from the Publisher

Reaching New Heights with Our Magazine

When our Editor and Marketing Manager Jillian Hillard joined the company in 2007, it was a no brainer given her publishing background that we launch a custom magazine for PreGel AMERICA. Views from the Tree was launched in 2008 and I still can’t believe we will soon be embarking on our 25th issue.

Over the years we have continued to strive to keep the bar on this publication high, winning a few awards for it along the way. I am very proud of what our internal team has have been able to accomplish with the magazine, but even more compelling to me is hearing how much our readers love to read it. We have to remind our readers sometimes that it’s quarterly as I have gotten calls and emails wondering why they hadn’t received the publication each month only to remind them we do one each quarter. To me, that is the most rewarding part – to know we built something that people anticipate and enjoy.

The time has come for us to create that anticipation beyond the United States and extend it to all corners of North and South America. With the growth of our company into these new markets and a renewed focus on the PreGel brand, we are once again challenging ourselves to new heights with the magazine. I am happy to announce that with the 25th issue of Views from the Tree, we will officially be redesigning the magazine and renaming it (which we will soon reveal, stay tuned …) We are also launching sister publications in Spanish, French and Portuguese with the same name (translated of course) to cater to our bilingual clients within our now expanded markets.

We are very excited about this new direction and for the expansion of the magazine. Our magazines will now allow us to reach more of our customers, prospects and aligned industry partners than ever before supplying them with all the latest content in the industry, and it marks a new milestone in PreGel’s history to continue to provide exceptional resources for your success.

It will be a challenge to bring multilingual and cultural content to the new markets, but it’s a challenge our team is excited to take on. To do this we realized that we needed to alter the identity of the magazine by further connecting it to our brand, our vision and values and the new name will reflect this.

Change is gradual so don’t worry, you still have a few issues to reminisce with the original Views from the Tree. But change is also good, and I believe you will all be pleased by the new face of the magazine come 2015.