From the Top of the Tree

Marco Casol

Marco CasolIt is my (and I’m sure your) dream that one day novelties such as gelato and sorbetto become a standard in Americans’ diet just as coffee, pizza and sushi have. We have come a long way over the last few years, but we all know the road that still lies ahead.
A core part of our company is education, and while we focus on ingredient and production knowledge here at our facility, we are very aware that education and awareness have to start with the U.S. public. In 2008, we launched, an online gelato-inspired resource where people can visit to learn more about gelato, and we have plans to continue building upon that site; but this year, we realized the need to reach the masses in person as well.

The missing link was a strategy our Italian headquarters has been using for the last two years, Happy Gelato®. Finding much success in Europe, Happy Gelato is a global strategy and philosophy. The idea behind the strategy was for us to launch a consumer brand (Happy Gelato) to promote gelato to all ages by going to our customers’ communities and having a party to educate and teach the people about the gelato experience. In Italy, the gelateria experience means so many things – a day for fun, friends and wellness.

Our first parties began in June and so far the success has been encouraging. In this economy, the parties are offering families and individuals the opportunity for affordable eats and great entertainment while building their knowledge and desire for gelato and sorbetto. Our customers do a spectacular job at hosting, and our gelato artist entertains and captivates all ages.

Happy Gelato parties are being held across the U.S. through October, but we are offering customers the opportunity to book them in November and December too, as they are a useful tool for attracting a crowd in the slow season as well.

Ask us about the parties (or visit for more information), they really are “Happy Fun for Everyone” as our personnel working the parties enjoy themselves as much as the crowd. If you are already having a party, let me know how it goes. Our commitment is to our customers, and making novelties like gelato and sorbetto household names, is just as much our mission as it is yours.