Tips from Pastry Chefs

You are an artisan, so you care about your artisanal frozen desserts, right?! Of course you do! And because of that passion, you have the ongoing burning desire to present the best showcase of authentic Italian specialty dessert majesty as possible (I know that was a bit dramatic, but I really wanted to drive the point!).

And isn’t it human nature for us to want to make what we do well, even more amazing? And if it’s already amazing, we definitely want to keep it that way! Well, the chefs at the PreGel International Training Centers understand this ideal. Hey, they’re artisans who are passionate about artisanal desserts, too!

With that being said, take a look at six of the top tips we’ve featured on our social media pages to help do one of two things: 1) take well to amazing, or 2) maintain your amazing.










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