Opening a Gelato Shop

Dreams are built on passion, enthusiasm, and unyielding determination against the odds. Channeling those combined factors into opening a gelato shop can bring great fulfillment, but requires focus and knowledge. PreGel was founded on the pioneering entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Luciano Rabboni, and the understanding that taking risk, making financial investments, and executing thorough research are all crucial aspects of bringing the exciting dream of business ownership to fruition. Therefore, having the right business partner is essential to bringing your vision to its fullest potential.

PreGel has been a leading resource in the foodservice industry for 50 years, providing not only top-tier artisanal dessert ingredient solutions, but a skilled staff of talented chef in our International Training Centers, and dedicated sales agents who have mastered the general and technical aspects of each PreGel product from the bases to the toppings. Our team is industry savvy and has built a successful resume of providing innovative ideas, inventive recipe inspiration, and valuable information that is helpful to all those who desire to open a successful and efficient gelato shop. Starting a business is a strategic procedure that can yield many personal and professional rewards. Allow us to partner with you as a resource on your entrepreneurial journey.

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