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PreGel International Training Centers Add New Ingredients to Its Recipe for Quality Education

State-of-the-art culinary facilities up the ante on training with enhanced class curriculum


CONCORD, N.C. (December 4, 2017) – There is a proverbial saying that states: Variety is the spice of life. Undoubtedly, people appreciate the opportunity to choose what suits them best, including what they want to learn. With five locations across the U.S., the PreGel International Training Centers exceed that demand with a showcase of exciting new classes for 2018 added to its standard curriculum of consistently outstanding subject matter.

Chefs of every skill level—from beginner to advanced—benefit from in-depth lectures and hands-on practice with top-of-the-line equipment and superior ingredients made available at PreGel’s state-of-the-art training facilities.  Class structure will continue offering PreGel’s touchstone programs including Fundamentals of Gelato & Sorbetto Production, Advanced Gelato & Sorbetto Production, and Frozen Pops & Paletas. However, some unique courses have been added to PreGel’s recipe for educational excellence in effort to reach more specialized dessert sectors. New class options include:


Frozen Desserts:



Gelato Innovation & Explorations Course

A two-day course designed to discover new flavors and learn ethnic recipes from all around the world to increase the range of menu options in the gelato shop.


Frozen Dessert Novelties

This three-day course is designed to discover new and exciting trends to boost sales in frozen dessert displays. Frozen bonbons, ice cream sandwiches, individual gelato cakes, and more enticing treats await you in this exciting and fun course.



Ice Cream 101

This three-day course on the foundation of ice cream production is both an in-depth look at the scientific theory of ice cream production as well as hands-on production and recipe formulation.



Gluten Free Baking

A three-day course designed to introduce gluten free baked goods in a fun, easy, and innovative way.


Quick & Easy Pastries

A two-day course designed to introduce quick and easy-to-use products that can be utilized for pastry businesses small & large. Focused on a sampling of items from verrines to entremets, this course offers a simple way to wow your customers.


Modern Pastry Shop

This three-day course offers a foundation for the modern production of pastries with an innovative twist. New flavors, techniques, and presentations await you in this exciting new course.


Artisan Doughnut Course

A two-day course designed for the avid doughnut enthusiast! Experience easy-to-follow recipes, new twists on classic flavors, and innovative presentations. Oh! And did we mention a lot of fun!




Spring & Summer Holiday Gelato Course

This fun and exciting two-day class, available February-March, offers a crash course on creative and fun recipes that are tailored to everyone’s favorite summer activities with a focus on recipes for:

  • July 4-Independence Day
  • Summer Olympics
  • Easter
  • Beach
  • Seasonal Fruits & Veggies
  • Picnic


Fall & Winter Holiday Gelato Course

This fun and exciting two-day class, available August-September, offers a crash course on creative and delightful recipes that are tailored to the winter holiday season with a focus on recipes for:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Seasonal Fruits & Veggies


The U.S.-based International Training Centers will be offering a 50% discount on all 2018 classes (excluding 5-Star Pastry Series®) when classes are booked during the month of December 2017 using promo code ITC50. For more information or to register online visit


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About the International Training Centers

The PreGel America International Training Centers are state-of-the-art educational facilities dedicated to teaching the fine art of creating specialty artisan desserts. Located in major U.S. cities including Charlotte, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Chicago, IL; and Dallas, TX, all ACF-certified programs cover a wide range of artisan dessert courses relating to frozen desserts, pastry & confections, and trending concepts. The International Training Centers classes are specifically designed to provide both classroom learning and hands-on instruction, and cater to all skill levels. PreGel’s 5-Star Pastry Series® serves as an educational platform for advanced culinary professionals to sharpen and increase their skills in specialized pastry arts.