It Take Guts to Pursue Education

“It takes an uncommon amount of guts to put your dreams on the line.” – Erma Bombeck, writer.


Guts. The word is used quite often in the English language; many times in the informal sense, otherwise known as slang. And according to the online publication of the American dictionary, Merriam-Webster, the word gut(s) has several meanings, some of which are:

  • the inner essential parts
  • fortitude and stamina
  • the basic visceral or emotional part of a person


By now you may be wondering why a blog post on a website based around specialty dessert ingredient solutions is highlighting anything relating to guts. It’s simple. The big white building on the corner we last spoke about has guts, and it takes guts to explore those guts.


Confusing? Maybe a bit, so allow me to explain what I’m saying.


PreGel is made up of many departments (which we’ll explore together). They are the inner essential parts of the company—the guts. One of the main components of those “guts” is the International Training Centers. PreGel America has five state-of-the-art learning facilities in total, all of which allow students to experience creativity with incomparable PreGel products, top-of-the-line equipment, and a highly skilled and trained culinary staff (okay, so the content marketer in me just came out, I know…).


Let’s get back to guts (the core/foundation) of this post …


I think it takes guts (fortitude/stamina a.k.a. courage) to vigorously pursue a vocation, whatever it may be. And having taken several classes in the PreGel International Training Centers, I gained a whole new respect for the chefs I studied amongst, and the lot of dessert chefs in general. Until then, I didn’t understand the precise science that goes into creating the artistic and mouthwatering desserts that most of us consume without thought. We briefly appreciate the look and quickly commence to gorge.

Gelato Making ClassLittle did I know about the intricacies of balancing a recipe; correctly tempering chocolate; understanding why an ingredient as seemingly simple as dextrose can be tremendously beneficial; and how too much sugar can destroy a pan of gelato, among other insightful information.


The students I’ve encountered in the kitchens of PreGel’s International Training Centers were enthusiastic and eager to eviscerate (gut) our chefs for all the knowledge they could obtain in any one of the classes from our varied curriculum that they chose to evolve in. The passion I speak of is very evident in some of the student testimonials offered directly following a 5-Star Pastry Series® seminar.

Talk about guts! Many people get star struck when they’re in the same vicinity as a celebrity they greatly admire. Imagine being a student chef studying under internationally known and highly respected chefs with a rock star-like following?  I guess that’s one of the perks of following one’s gut (the basic visceral or emotional part of a person) to turn a passion into reality.

PreGel Training Students

It’s the gut issues (topics having strong impact or immediate relevance) surrounding gelato and other artisanal specialty desserts that you should look for when seeking further education. And within the guts of PreGel America, that’s exactly what I found during my experiences as a student in the International Training  Centers.


So hopefully you now understand what I meant when I said ‘the big white building on the corner we last spoke about has guts, and it takes guts to explore those guts,’ especially now that we have so many different examples of the word gut(s). So if you plan to follow your gut and pursue your culinary education, the best time to start planning is now.


Here’s to exploring all the variations of guts in relation to PreGel and realizing why greater understanding takes stamina!