What Makes a Flavor Fail?


I recently read an article by Elisabeth Sherman of www.thekitchn.com about “Food Sins,” inspired by a Reddit thread. The focus was on  strange food combinations that some people swear by, one being peanut butter on top of cold pizza. I was immediately intrigued and amused by some of the examples she listed. And the article sparked a childhood memory of a weird food sin that made me laugh out loud (in the middle of a quiet office), while simultaneously establishing why PreGel’s reMix collection is such a treasure for flavor innovation in the industry.


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The memory plays out this way: My parents were having some friends over on a lovely summer afternoon, where mixed drinks were being served. I, as a young, curious, and somewhat adventurous little girl quietly peeked into the living room from the kitchen door at all the activity happening. Aside from the frequent laughter and occasional use of “adult language,” I was mostly captivated by why they were drinking what looked like flat cola and water from fancy glass bottles. And seemed to be enjoying it!




I was immediately inspired to make a better tasting “happy drink” (that’s what we’ll call them here) for my sister and myself.


I jumped into immediate action, darting to the refrigerator with urgency and scanning the liquid contents inside the small cold box while my sister quietly looked on until I found the two components sure to be a “happy drink” hit!


Orange juice. And. Milk! (I know. I was eight.)

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Almost immediately,  two clear plastic cups were nearly spilling over with a golden-like mixture of half orange juice/half milk (no ice). I imagined the results were going to be amazing…like a liquid form of the creamy, orange-y frozen pops we would get from the ice cream truck, but in a cup!


I watched as my sister sniffed the citrus-y contents of the cup with noticeable apprehension.


“Go ahead!” I demanded, feeling overly enthused for us to taste the awesomeness that our very own “happy drinks” would be.


So, together, we sipped….


Together, we gagged!


And, together, we abandoned both cups on the kitchen table, immediately running outside to play away the memory of the horrible “happy drink” that instead brought us (our taste buds, especially) momentary despair.


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You don’t have to admit it out loud if you don’t want to, but blink twice if you’ve ever created a recipe where the flavors didn’t quite blend as well as you thought (quietly!). Now you understand why I say PreGel’s reMix flavor collection is a treasure that offers many flavor suggestions for you so that poor flavor combination “sins” never happen again. And with the weather warming up, now is time to start planning your flavor menu, sans the “food sins.”


Which of the PreGel reMix collections do you find most inspiring? Tell us in the comments box below!