Top 5 Reasons Why Partnering with PreGel Would Be a Mistake

It’s the start of New Year, 2018, and generally, the beginning of every twelve-month cycle is the time when people commence to prioritize what they want out of life spiritually, emotionally, physically, and/or professionally.

It’s the start of New Year, 2018, and generally, the beginning of every twelve-month cycle is the time when people commence to prioritize what they want out of life spiritually, emotionally, physically, and/or professionally.  Seeing as PreGel is a producer, manufacturer, and supplier of specialty dessert ingredient solutions, one would likely assume that this international company would be the top pick to partner with if, say, one had aspirations to become a dessertpreneur—an entrepreneur in the desserts industry (I’ll explain that more in depth in a future blog post). But even as a company that embodies all the right ingredients in one partner, there are still a multitude of excellent reasons why partnering with PreGel would be a definite mistake … and we’re honest enough to admit them.


  1. Music on Hold (MOH)

We’ve all been there, right? You call a business with a very strong point to make, or to make a general inquiry. A generic electrovoice answers the line with a long list of menu options for which you have to dial a single number or a number combination followed by the pound sign, right? All this followed by more questions from the electrovoice before you are placed on hold. The second part of this lovely customer-centric experience is the MOH you have the pleasure of being serenaded by while you wait–sometimes for a reeealllyyy loooong time–only to be spontaneously interrupted by a loud, fast-speaking voice whose name you could barely catch due to the surprise of a live person finally getting on the line. At that point, you find that you have to recall the initial reason for your call, which can cause additional frustration.


However, if possible frustration and confusion is your preference, I would suggest not working with PreGel, because the customer service experience is quite pleasant. The members of the Special Service Team (inside sales) are always available for assistance, and because they are segmented by U.S. regions, you have the opportunity to develop a business-friendly relationship with the same person you will reach every time. No electrovoices or MOH here, just live voices upon answer and top-notch customer relations throughout.


  1. Unimpressive Education

I once attended a lecture about financial empowerment for which I paid a moderately hefty amount of money. Upon leaving, I felt a strong sense of despondency, having realized that I had not only wasted my money but I lost valuable time I would never get back. Certainly there are instances in life that leave us feeling depleted in one sense or another, and one of those instances is the terrible feeling of investing yourself in something that does not offer the kind of reciprocity you expected. Nevertheless, if one of your New Year’s goals is to measure your sense of resiliency by enduring disappointment after disappointment in terms of failed educational goals, then don’t partner with PreGel because the company’s five U.S.-based International Training Centers are absolutely amazing.


With educational facilities that house top-of-the-line equipment, superior ingredients, and a diverse curriculum of learning opportunities taught by highly skilled chefs (and famous chefs for the company’s 5-Star Pastry Series®), I would say PreGel doesn’t even make the cut  when it comes to offering unimpressive education.


  1. Non-Discretion

True story: I have a relative who presented the most delicious strawberry shortcake for a holiday dinner a few years back. Everyone complimented this cake for its light and airy fluffiness, perfectly balanced with an impeccably moist texture. This relative relished in the compliments given about this amazing cake, for which she proudly took full credit for making … and then her husband walked into the room. Upon noticing the ongoing praise his wife was receiving, he playfully exposed her true culinary skill level and announced that the “star” cake was a store-bought pastry that she dressed up with fresh strawberries and a well-known brand of whipped cream. Needless to say she was a bit embarrassed, but definitely a good sport about it. We all had a good laugh (and another piece of strawberry shortcake).


We’ve all been in situations where we have to be a “good sport,” but unfortunately for those who enjoy the sour illumination of the “limelight” in terms of recipe innovation, you’ll want to look for another business partner instead of PreGel. The company is strict about customer confidentiality and offers private labeling (for QSRs, FSRs, grocery stores, cruise lines, hospitals, colleges and universities, chains, and food manufacturers) on a variation of ingredient solutions through its Key Accounts department.  When working with PreGel, one can expect many things, but one is not being “strawberry shortcaked,” or having your integrity breached. However, we do have some pretty amazing strawberry shortcake recipes.


  1. Extras

There are so many different kinds of restaurants, cafes, and eateries in the world for the ravenous consumer to choose from. With this abundance of eating locales, there is no doubt that almost every preference can be fulfilled, even for the most finicky eater. But here’s an interesting concept: a restaurant with only one menu item. Ordering would be a breeze—”One house salad, please. No extras, and hold the innovation!” However, in terms of dining out, I wonder if one menu item would be satisfactory in a foodie nation. In my opinion, a favorite anything is only possible because there is more than one.


Nevertheless, some people like what they like, no exceptions. In these cases, PreGel would make a terrible partner. Consider that our abundance of specialty dessert ingredient solutions is an “entrée,” then there are the “extras” that allow you to cultivate your “entrée” specifically to your taste to make it more appetizing; resources such as P Magazine, the PreGel Recipe Database, and the sponsored educational and professional guidance website, WhyGelato.comcollateral downloads, image and POS material, and videos just to name a select few. PreGel is big on the “extras” because they add more substance to the overall experience. If this company were actually an entrée, a diner (business partner) would most certainly be satisfied.


  1. Convenience

Have you noticed there is a drive-thru almost everywhere? They’re at QSRs, banks, and pharmacies. Even some grocery stores have special lanes for pickup orders.  Why are drive-thru lanes so popular? Convenience. When the weather is not friendly or it’s just too crowded inside, you have the shelter of your vehicle to do what you please until it’s time to place or pick up your order. But, don’t get me wrong. These places still have doors for a reason, allowing people who would rather go inside the privilege to do so. And there’s nothing wrong with going inside or enjoying the drive-thru, though, depending one’s perception, one option can seem a more convenient than the other.

Nevertheless, if businesses that offer convenience do not seem like an impressive feature, then by all means, I would suggest bypassing PreGel as a business partner for sure. With purchasing options via ecommerce, products that are suitable for all culinary skill levels, product warehouses in the East, Central, and West regions of the U.S. for quicker delivery or on-site pickup (whichever is preferred); on-site (at your location) and private demos upon request, and innovative campaigns such as reMix, which make the buyer dollars stretch, PreGel should not be considered.


And there you have it, the top 5 reasons why partnering with PreGel would be a mistake. There are a lot more (now that you understand that partnering with PreGel would be best practice – in my opinion), but perhaps we’ll visit those another time.


Happy New Year!  Here’s to keeping the right company and making dreams come true!