Start a Dessert Business


What’s the first thing we do when there’s a professional interest we want to pursue—such as entrepreneurship for example—or a skill we want to elevate? We look for the best route to help us achieve that goal. For professional dessert artisans, the perfect route to “dessertpreneurship“—dessert-based entrepreneurship—lie in five different locations: Charlotte, North Carolina; Ft. Lauderdale, Florida; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; and Dallas, Texas – major food hub cities that house PreGel International Training Centers (ITC) — learning environments of skill, knowledge, and competency blended with dessert recipe innovation and fun.


So, what would make you the perfect candidate for training at a PreGel ITC? Having feelings of insecurity due to a lack of experience, or concluding that a training class is not necessary because you’ve been a professional dessert artisan for so long.

PreGel Training Center
PreGel International Training Centers – Charlotte

How so?

PreGel’s in-depth classes are designed to fit all skill levels from beginner to advanced, and provide a broad understanding of how to create artisanal desserts and build a successful business based on quality. The signature approach is to provide students with both a solid classroom learning experience and hands-on instruction.


“We are extremely excited about the classes at the PreGel International Training Centers,” says Mike Downing, corporate pastry chef, PreGel America. “Our team of chef instructors put a lot of work into creating a diverse curricula that will accommodate enthusiastic chefs and decision-makers, as well as newcomers to the world of pastry and frozen desserts. The courses we offer were developed with the long-term success of our students in mind, as well as the idea that PreGel is an overall resource in all things related to pastry, frozen desserts, and beverages,” Chef Downing concludes.


PreGel ITC

The overall goal of the PreGel ITC is to make sure that no student leaves its classes disappointed or ill-equipped to succeed in business. Therefore, all five establishments stateside (there are 29 locations worldwide) teach the latest techniques in a fundamental range of traditional and trending dessert topics, made to capture the attention of current and aspiring dessertrepreneurs looking to offer difference.


I’m listening, tell me more!

PreGel ITC class listings are divided into three categories that provide the opportunity for dessertpreneurs to work with the finest  ingredients, top-tier equipment, and obtain instruction from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable chef artisans. Business owners, decision-makers, and chefs are invited to take one or all class offerings at their convenience for the most thorough educational experience in the science, creation, and presentation of artisanal desserts.


Here’s the run down:

Gelato: Are you thinking about going into the business of artisanal Italian gelato? Perhaps you’re looking to expand your current menu with a trending frozen dessert? Either way, the PreGel International Training Centers have a variety of gelato-focused curricula that meet the needs of all skill levels.


The Fundamentals of Gelato & Sorbetto Production

Advanced Gelato and Sorbetto Production

Holiday Gelato Class



Specialty: Learn how to create and emphasize the “wow” factor of your display case with some of the hottest industry trends taught by some of the industry’s most talented and knowledgeable chef artisans.

Frozen Pops and Paletas

Ice Cream 101



Pastry: “Rise” to the occasion of heightened excellence and understanding with a choice of classes that best serve your niche specialty.

Bakery 101

Modern Pastry Shop

Pastry Basics


Wait, there’s more!

Additionally, PreGel hosts the 5-Star Chef Pastry Series®, exclusive to the PreGel ITC – Charlotte location. The 3-day custom seminars lectured by world-renowned pastry chefs are specifically crafted for advanced artisan chefs looking to sharpen their skills in niche categories such as plated desserts, pastry buffets, and chocolate, and each year (this year is PreGel’s 10th 5-Star anniversary), the line-up aims to please. For instance, the Charlotte ITC has already hosted an amazing seminar with Chef Amaury Guichon, and the remainder of the 2019 Series will feature:



The PreGel ITC isn’t “just another classroom.” Aside from the superior educational element, the additional perks are pretty awesome, too. For the price of one class, you will receive a class recipe book, daily lunch provided by PreGel, a PreGel certificate of completion in your course, and up to 18 Continuing Education Hours certified by the American Culinary Federation depending on class choice.

On top of that, all classes are taught throughout the year, with class sizes up to twelve students to promote an intimate environment ensuring all students receive individual attention. The PreGel ITC – Ft. Lauderdale also teaches its curricula in Spanish.


Are you ready to begin your journey to dessertpreneurship? Here are the routes!

The PreGel International Training Centers – Charlotte is located at 4450 Fortune Ave. NW, Concord, NC 28027, just northeast of Charlotte center city. It takes approximately 30-40 minutes (25 miles) to drive from Charlotte Douglas Airport to our facility. The local airport code for Charlotte Douglas Airport is CLT.

The PreGel Professional Training Centers – Los Angeles is located at 116 S. Brent Circle, Walnut, CA 91789, just east of Los Angeles center city. It takes approximately 30-45 minutes (28 miles) to drive from Los Angeles International Airport to our facility. The local airport code for Los Angeles International Airport is LAX.

The PreGel International Training Centers – Fort Lauderdale is located at 1475 W Cypress Creek Rd., Suite 205, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, just north of Fort Lauderdale center city. It takes approximately 20-25 minutes (15 miles) to drive from the Fort Lauderdale airport to our facility. The local airport code for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is FLL.

The PreGel International Training Centers – Chicago is located at 915 Busse Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, just northwest of Chicago center city. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes (9 miles) to drive from the Chicago airport to our facility. The local airport code for Chicago O’Hare International Airport is ORD.

The PreGel International Training Centers – Dallas is located at 612 E Dallas Road, Suite 300, Grapevine, TX 76051, just northwest of Dallas center city. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes (6 miles) to drive from the Dallas Fort Worth airport to our facility. The local airport code for Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is DFW.

Whichever route you take to dessertpreneurship, it’s well worth the trip.