Six "Bites" of Insight with Chef Lauren V. Haas


Okay, I’ll admit it. There’s always a tinge of anxiety when preparing to go interview a 5-Star Chef like Lauren V. Haas. As I prepared for the third segment of the “Six Bites Series,” I quickly read over my six questions a final time, and then headed down to the North Carolina International Training Centers so that I could escort Chef Haas to the interview studio.

As I walked into the ITC, I observed Chef Haas meticulously putting the finishing touches on one of several desserts she had created during class, and she showcased a look of extreme focus–someone who takes great care in creation, demonstrates patience in execution, and is veracious about presentation.  I knew then that our interview would be very interesting…and I was right! But if I may fangirl for a moment, I’d like to note that speaking with Chef Haas was a stress-free experience, which helps to prove that fear exists only in the mind. Join me to venture into Pt. 3 of the “Six Bites Series” with Chef Lauren V. Haas.



Needless to say, I wasn’t the only one in PreGel who was impressed by Chef Haas.

See what her students had to say:

“I loved this class. Chef Haas is very organized, neat, and talented. I loved that we didn’t waste our time measuring recipes. We used that time to actually learn and pay attention to the demo. The final products looked very delicate and elegant. Thanks for another amazing experience at PreGel classes.” – Fernanda Dutra, executive pastry chef, BYU

“Chef Haas was warm and friendly. Here teaching style was thorough, articulate, and interactive. I really loved how she took the time to walk through each recipe and possible diversions of them. She was wonderfully inspiring.” – Gianina Serrano, chef/owner, Sixth Course

“Coming from a non-traditional pastry background, this class definitely put me on the fast track to implementing 5-Star quality pastry to my menu. Chef Haas was unbelievably creative, patient, descriptive, and everything you’d want from an instructor. I’ll be coming back for more classes for sure. I. LOVE. PREGEL.” – Sierra Georgia, founder, Gelat’OH! Brick & Motor

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class; learned a lot of techniques and the basis of why and what is used. Enjoyed the bits of chemistry and physics behind the reason for the ingredients and methods.” – Ray Jang

“Excellent class, fun and educational. Chef Lauren is amazing and answered our questions. The PreGel staff was really helpful and friendly. Kristen & Casey were awesome! Thanks to Holly for lunch! Thanks Alicia for welcoming us and hosting for the best class ever!” Megan Kehoe, pastry chef, JackTar Restaurant

“Awesome! Chef Lauren’s techniques and recipes are perfect and practical for my shop. Very inspiring and excited to apply what I learned!” – Bridget Labus, co owner/chef, Sixth Course

“This was an excellent class. There were many great techniques and wealth of information. It was very well organized. This class exceeded my expectations. Lauren Haas was superb!” – Anthony Rizzo, executive chef, Two Rivers Country Club, Williamsburg, VA

“The price paid versus what we get is extremely nice. The first night dinner with everyone was a great way to break the ice with everyone. The lunch was fantastic as well as the hotel you chose. The class was really great! Kristen & Casey were great helpers to Chef Haas. Chef Haas was really amazing. She really was interested in what we were doing; EXTREMELY patient. Her desserts were amazing and she tried to get us involved and moving. Really happy I got into her class (and it’s awesome that she is a female chef).” – Caroline Ballam, pastry chef, Ritz Carlton, Pentagon City

“If you feel a little stagnant in your kitchen and are looking for some inspiration, the PreGel 5-Star classes will get you going again. It is always an adventure and I can’t wait to go home and try out all the new things I’ve learned.” – Keefe Fillerup, executive pastry chef, University of Wyoming