Six "Bites" of Insight with Chef Amaury Guichon


Can I confess something to you? Although I’m not a pastry chef, I really enjoy the air of excitement that takes over the PreGel International Training Centers – NC when there is a 5-Star Pastry seminar taking place. And so far this year, the enthusiasm among the student chefs has been consistent.

From July 16-18, we hosted Chef Amaury Guichon, an extremely talented pastry chef and chocolate artist. His seminar in Cutting Edge Petit Gateaux left student chefs amazed and encouraged, which lead to some very flattering online posts about Chef Guichon (and PreGel ITC staff), like this one.

Chef Guichon (center) with ITC chefs, clockwise: Michael Downing, Jason Sturdivant, Kristen Battaglia, Alicia Stevens, and Casey Shea

But what I found about Chef Guichon is not only is he an amazing chef, but also a wonderful conversationalist with an extremely humble demeanor. I invite you to join me for Part 2 of the Six “Bites” Series, as I partake in six “bites” of insight with Chef Guichon!


Did you enjoy those “bites” of insight? If so, I have good news.

Remember when I said Chef Guichon was a great conversationalist? Well, there’s more to this interview posted here on our Youtube channel (and see more behind-the-scenes footage on Instagram).

Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Six “Bites” series, featuring Chef Lauren V. Haas!

See what Chef Guichon’s students had to say about their 5-Star experience:

“Chef Guichon covered an impressive amount of material! His demonstration of recipes and techniques are worth their weight in gold. I would highly recommend this class, and the training facility was beautiful.”
Bridget Labus, co-chef/owner, Sixth Course Artisan Confections

“As always, the value of the PreGel classes are excellent. Hotel, lunch, coffee, and a three full days with the world leaders in pastry for less than many other institutions charge for the class alone. Love the gelato and pictures at the end.”
– Maura Metheny, pastry arts instructor, Johnson & Wales University

“Class was great, filled with great techniques and creativity.
– Rene Olmeda, pastry chef instructor, Johnson & Wales University

“The class was amazing. It was my first class at PreGel and I loved it! I’d like to come back to another PreGel class.”
– Ismael Castillo, pastry cook 1, Ritz Carlton – Orlando.

“Great class.”
Gianina Serrano, owner/chef, Sixth Course

“This class was amazing. Chef Guichon covered several different techniques and skills. Learning new ways to implement old skills will be invaluable. Additionally, the PreGel team made the experience smooth and effortless. I will be returning for another class at PreGel.”
– Kelsey Vogt

Chef Amaury Guichon was spectacular. He is a very down to earth guy with tremendous talent that really shows through in everything he makes. I very much enjoyed his class and I learned so much! I look forward to taking another class of his in the future. Thank you for the wonderful experience, chef!”
– Jennifer Heide, pastry cook, The Everglades Club/The Goodland

“Thank you so much. I enjoyed the class; SO much to learn. I definitely will recommend to others.”
– Alla Kruzhkova, owner, Dessert Elegance LLC

“It was a great experience overall. Having to see Amaury Guichon has been one of my dreams and PreGel made it happen. Thank you for being very accommodating, helpful, affordable, convenient, providing a great facility and support. Would definitely recommend anyone coming here for classes.”
– Valeria Koulikova, pastry chef/owner, From V with Love Cakes LLC

Overall the experience was amazing! I’m so happy that I chose this class and facility. The staff is super friendly and I felt a nice, warm welcome.”
– Christian Madrid Sintora, pastry cook, Ritz Carlton Grand Lakes

“The class was tremendous. I learned many new techniques. Chef Amaury is a great, humble person and a good teacher.
– Jael Ramos, pastry cook 1, Ritz Carlton

Amaury Guichon was amazing. Very informative and humble. I learned so much during this class. PreGel is a great facility to learn in. Overall, awesome staff, very friendly. Amazing products. I would recommend this place, and I’m definitely coming back to one of PreGel America’s classes in NC. Thank you so much for this.”
– Jaimil Rivera, cook II pastry, The Ritz Carlton – Naples, FL

“I loved the class. The selection of chefs you have for this year was amazing. I really appreciate the hotel being included in the cost of the class.
– Jessica Buscher, pastry chef