Inside PreGel’s Scoop


I could be wrong, but I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone has a favorite day of the week. Around PreGel, Thursday is in the top two choices for many of us (of course Friday is always in the running). That’s an ambitious statement, you may say but there’s a good reason why I made it. We touched on the reason a bit in this blog post, but the highlight of every Thursday (excluding holidays and trade shows) is The Scoop. Now, in case you don’t remember what this highly anticipated event is, The Scoop is a weekly gelato, ice cream, or pastry social, where employees gather to decompress, socialize, and have a midday treat.

“When I’m able to go I enjoy spending time outside the four walls of my office; socializing and seeing co-workers from other departments I usually do not see,” Jeannette Pantani, subsidiaries manager, PreGel America, regarding her outlook about The Scoop.

Much like Daniela Milano, marketing & social media specialist, PreGel America, who looks forward to indulging in gelato flavors including pistachio, hazelnut, and Krocco Milk, Pantani agrees that having the ability to taste our “wonderful product” once a week and having informal meetings in another setting are added bonuses to the weekly Scoop. Milano adds, “It gives me an excuse to get up from my desk, stretch my legs, and not stare at a computer screen!”

Aside from The Scoop acting as a social meeting place and excuse to move away from the computer, Hannah Williams, graphic designer, PreGel America, also finds the marketing value in attending The Scoop. “I like trying the new reMixes and Arabeschi®. It inspires ideas to help me market the flavors I’ve tried,” Williams explains, who also appreciates the aspect that the employees take turns serving each other, via a rotating schedule throughout the year.  “I think it’s a humbling act and puts it into perspective that our services are b2b that lead to b2c,” she adds.

Though The Scoop offers all of the previously mentioned benefits, it is also utilized for more than the usual hour of general socializing for the employees. On different occasions, PreGel has used The Scoop as the gathering space for a variety of different celebrations such as birthdays, American citizenships, going away parties, or simply as a fun themed location complete with costumes, music, selfie stations, trivia, games, and giveaways.

The Scoop is a wonderful parallel in terms of the use of PreGel ingredients: you can utilize the same ingredient to make a menu of different options and successfully give people something new to look forward to every time.