Getting Motivated at Work


 “There are no limits to what you can accomplish…
except the limits you put on your own thinking.”
– Brian Tracy, motivational speaker

It’s a new year, and I firmly believe in open, honest, and complete communication from the very start of anything. In my personal opinion, communication and compromise is the cure for almost any situation. With that being said, allow me to start off our 2019 relationship with this truth: I had next to no motivation to do my job and write this post for you.


Yes, it is a simple admission, and yes, it’s more than likely something you can relate to. Why? Because at some point we’ve all suffered from a lack of motivation, which is why getting started is the hardest part of different projects and objectives.


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the creative freedom of my job, so I feel terrible about this truth, which is why I’m confessing: 1) to get it off my chest. 2) because facing the challenge instead of avoiding it usually helps to uncover a solution, would you agree? 

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So, aside from telling on myself today, what made me get up and write this post despite my initial lack of motivation? You.


My answer may sound like one of those “Awww….that’s so sweet,” moments (and one you don’t typically find on a B2B-based blog), but my intention for 2019 is not only to publish blog content that is educational and informative, but helpful to you, the person reading the articles…not just the business partner. So, for me, beating that paralyzing feeling of non-motivation was absolutely essential to achieving this goal.


“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”
– Confucious, Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher


So, what did I do to move forward? I had to take an introspective analysis to understand how I could be stronger than the hold that non-movement was having on me. I asked myself the questions: Why did I initially want to do this post? What is stopping me now? Is there something I am afraid of? What will the result be if I don’t move forward?


The answers:

  • Why did I initially want to do this post? To help our readers from a more personal space.


  • What is stopping me now? I’m not exactly sure what to say, or if these inspirational blogs will be effective.


  • Is there something I am afraid of? Possible failure.


  • What will the result be if I don’t move forward?  Definite failure resulting from the absence of encouraging words made available for anyone who may need them (which completely goes against my plan).

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about writing blog posts of this nature, that target human feelings instead of business-focused content on a business-based blog. But I was compelled to take a chance anyway. Why? Because I know that encouraging other people should outweigh my insecurities.

“Failure is nothing more than a chance to revise your strategy.”

So, as you move forward with your business plans, there will be times when you may not feel motivated to do your job, and it could be for a host of reasons related or not. But if you don’t move forward, what will the outcome be? And will you be satisfied with that?


It is true that starting a business, partnering with someone in a business venture, taking on a more demanding role in business, etc. will demand more of you, which could lead to feeling overwhelmed and possibly stifle motivation even for a short period. But with that being said, remind yourself of what your main objectives were in the beginning, reevaluate your plan if necessary, take a chance, and move forward.


In terms of business, find the right resources to assist you with achieving the professional goals you desire. Become educated in your field to meet and exceed the level of excellence you look to display, and partner  with other dependable, like-minded professionals to be an integral ally throughout your journey and overall success.


Is it better to do nothing and wonder “what if?” or take a chance and have a story to tell? We are all the authors of our stories, and we “write” them the way we need them to go. So when it comes to lack of motivation in terms of your story, fill in the blanks of what could be holding you back, then…move forward.