Frozen Dessert Bases


Welcome to “It’s in the Mix” – a new blog series we are introducing to educate you on the right ingredients for every stage of your career and customer journey.


Have you ever been in this situation: You have a favorite song. Every time you hear it, you dance and sing along, certain of your lyrical accuracy, only to find that what you believed you were singing correctly for so long was COMPLETELY. WRONG. It’s a hard (and sometimes embarrassing) lesson to learn, but the point here is: sometimes what we think we know is either limited or simply incorrect. This reality proves that we could all use a bit of brushing up on subjects we believe we know fairly well, including everyday staples we routinely use such as…dessert recipe ingredients.

“That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.” 

– Doris Lessing, novelist


With this being said,  this new series “It’s in the Mix,” starts from the ground up, revealing some interesting facts surrounding PreGel’s Hot and Cold Process Bases for creating frozen desserts.


Let’s start with the following infographic …

Note: Curious about which nine Traditional Pastes can be used with Dietetic Milk Base for making sucrose-free frozen treats? They are Cacaopat (Chocolate  – Unsweet)Sweet Almond; Hazelnut Piemonte (Dark Roasted Hazelnut); Hazelnut Regina (Premium Light Toasted Hazelnut)Green Pure Pistachio (Slightly Roasted Pure Pistachio); Pistachio Primavera; Pure Pistachio Anatolia; Peanut Traditional Paste; and Salted Peanut Traditional Paste.

The other honorable mentions noted in the infographic above, including PreGel Fortefrutto® fruit-based flavoring pastes and Always Fresco Base for soft gelato, are also worth knowing more about.  Sure, there’s always the option to do so via blog posts like this one, but these resources are even more helpful in offering effective tips and techniques on innovative ways to use PreGel Bases and other artisan dessert ingredients in applications that turn out more than just alright.

Come back next month for an insightful review of PreGel Pastry Bases.