Vision and Values

Cultivating a Corporate Culture

We are a family-run company with a global presence, specializing in the manufacture of superior quality products and ingredients. Every day we work with passion and respect to meet the needs of our clients by offering innovative and technologically-advanced solutions.

We understand that all dreams begin with a vision. At PreGel, our vision is to Provide exceptional Resources that encourage uniquE and inspirinG experiEnces, enriching the Lives of our customers and their communities. This notion is ingrained in the culture of our company and shared among the network of internal colleagues who strive to reflect the essence of PreGel’s values daily.


The Values

  • Innovation: Exploring new opportunities to continue leading the industry for the benefit of our customers and our society
  • Quality: Fulfilling a promise to deliver only the best
  • Integrity: Dedicating ourselves to the embodiment of the highest moral, professional, and ethical values
  • Safety: Ensuring uncompromised standards in our products and processes
  • Respect: Accepting the interests and ideas of ourselves, our colleagues, and our customers by encouraging open-mindedness
  • Wellness: Promoting quality artisanal ingredients and innovative solutions that support and meet the needs of varying dietary lifestyles
  • Diversity: Embracing the uniqueness of the customs and practices that highlight quality, art, and integrity
  • Efficiency: Consistently setting the bar for excellence at all levels of service, production, innovation, and professional guidance
  • Awareness: Realizing the demand to effectively create quality ingredients that cater to the ongoing trends of culinary tastes
  • Sustainability: Acknowledging the importance of doing our part to protect the environment through sustainable practices
  • Charity: Remaining dedicated to supporting charities that aid those in need, and industry-related events that help spread the culture of artisanal desserts
  •  Family: Welcoming our colleagues, distributors, business partners, sponsors, and customers as family

Living Our Vision and Values

We don’t take our visions and values lightly, and we hold the goals and desires of the partners we align with in the same esteem. Our objective is to ensure we deliver the same superior quality, efficiency, attention, and dedication to our business partners that we uphold for ourselves.